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Science Fair 2017

The second year for the Science Fair at Mandeville Primary School. 

Our second annual Science Fair @ Mandeville saw a wide variety of experiments ranging from lamb heart dissection to making fizzy lemonade. It looked like all the children and parents had a great time witnessing and taking part in this lovely event. 

We have a full album that you can find at

The amazing experiments on show included:

-Children standing on eggs without breaking them (!!!);

-Making slime;

-Creating magnetic fields;

-Making bubbles;

-Poking a sharp stick through a balloon without even popping it;

-Making a wallet out of recyclable goods;

-Constructing paper aeroplanes to scientific specifications to make them fly further.

Thank you all for attending (despite the rain) and we hope you had a great time and have increased your scientific knowledge for future experiments of your own.