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Science Week at Mandeville

We held a great Science Week this year, which culminated in a really well attended Science Fair....

  Here are some of the highlights of this year's Science Week at Mandeville:

Year 3 & 4 and Farmer Rob

This week, year 3 and 4 children spoke to a farmer. Farmer Rob is a cattle and poultry farmer who works in Somerset. He kindly sent the children a video about the work that takes place on his farm. Our classes    created some questions that they wanted to ask Farmer Rob. We had the chance to speak to him by FaceTime, which was an experience that all children really enjoyed. Here are a couple of questions that they asked him:

‘What is your daily life like as a farmer?’ Janai, Henson class.                                                             ‘What is the best thing about being a farmer?’- Ramari, Miyazaki                                           ‘I like knowing that I am providing food for people. That makes me feel good.’ answered Farmer Rob 

Science in a Dome

As part of Mandeville's Science week celebrations, we had a science workshop that took place inside a dome! The children took part in an interactive workshop where they learnt about the environment. The children were able to visit the North pole, Amazon Rainforest and the Sahara Desert from inside the dome!

‘Look inside the hall!’ Esther, Disney                       ‘It was raining inside the dome! Joseph, Angelou class.                                                                      ‘The dome was awesome!’  Moneka, Pixar class.                                                                                           ‘I liked it when the dome was filled with smoke which he made from ice.’  Kiannah, Pixar class.

Science fair

Thanks to all who attended this year's Science fair  and helped to make it so successful. It was a fantastic way to end the Science week celebrations and it was great to see everyone   participate in the different  experiments on display. The experiments that were demonstrated were all activities that  can be carried out  at home using things in the kitchen cupboard. We hope that it has inspired you to conduct your on science experiments at home. - Ms Dankwa. (Science Lead)


More photos of our great Science Fair can be found on the Latest Photos page of the Mandeville News section of our website.