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Cooking lessons at Hackney School of Food start again!

Year 5 wasted no time in getting back into the School of Food...

 As par tof their DT project on Cooking and Nutrition, they made a spectacular jewelled couscous  salad with meatballs!  Yummy!  But don’t take our word for it, look what year 5 had to say:

 “I liked the taste of the cous cous. I also liked making the meatballs, it was very fun and we learned new cooking techniques”. - Sumaiyah

“Today we made yummy cous cous and delicious meatballs. The moment I tasted the food, I was so impressed.” - Zainab

“I like that we got to eat our own food for lunch, it was scrumptious.” - Daniel S

“I liked learning about different foods we never knew about before at the School of Food.” Cherryl

“The School of Food is such a fun place to be, cooking with Tom is great. He always helps me!” - Sofia

“I loved learning new skills at the School of Food. My mum tasted my meatballs and couscous and now she lets me help her cook at home.” - Tahla

I like going to the School of Food  because it makes me feel happy, healthy and calm. We get to cook food and I love cooking!” - Macey