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Year 6's Art trip to Southbank Centre

Find out about Year 6's wonderful trip to the Southbank Centre for a preview of the Art Makes People Powerful installation and a visit to the Hayward Gallery's modern sculpture exhibition.....

Year 6 recently  had a fantastic time visiting the Southbank Centre. We were lucky enough to have a sneak preview of a new installation entitled 'Art Makes People Powerful' before it was opened to the public. In this space we were invited to engage in a variety of art activities using different media and stimuli. Being able to explore the space freely and move between sections at our own pace was a unique and inspiring experience.

Following this, we had an impromptu visit to the Hayward Gallery next door, where we looked around exhibition of modern sculpture entitled 'When Forms Come Alive'. We were amazed by the bizarre and abstract sculptures made of materials ranging from bath bubbles to a kind of metal foil. Although they were strange, the impact of these works was incredible, and we were all sad when it was finally time to make the long bus journey back to Mandeville. A really memorable day out!

“I love the giant chalkboard that you could draw all over!” David Ak
“My favourite part was the sculptures at the Hayward Gallery. It was almost like they were alive!” David Ad