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Cycling has many benefits; health and wellbeing, environmental, social and economic. It is an inclusive, empowering, inexpensive activity that is accessible to everyone. “The benefits of cycling run much deeper than balance sheets or carbon footprints. It’s a crucial life skill, giving children an early road sense as they take their first steps towards independence. As well as offering easy, exhilarating exercise, it also helps young people develop what psychologists call resilience - the crucial ability to assess and navigate through risk.”
(Department of Transport)

Our Whole School Cycling Project aims to provide opportunities for all children in Key Stage 2 to receive cycle training ).

We have been successful in applying for funding to acquire a set a pupil pool bikes to enable all children to receive cycle training regardless of whether they have a bike of their own or not.
All training is provided by our fully accredited National Standards cycle instructor  who works with an assistant instructor and follows the Bikeability syllabus:

Level One training - for all KS2 pupils - equipping pupils with the skills necessary to ride safely off the road. Children practice using their brakes, steering and control, using gears, emergency stops, swerving, riding with one hand and looking behind while they’re riding

Level Two training - for years  5 & 6 only - enabling pupils to ride safely on quiet roads and make decisions as to their road positions, communication with and awareness of other road users.

We also offer occaisional Family Bike Ride Drop in clubs during Spring and Summer terms, open to all levels with the aim of supporting families to ride together. We hold termly Dr Bike Sessions for our school community and reward children cycling to school with a termly Bikers’ Breakfast.