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Nursery & Reception Class Parent & Carer Come to School Sessions

Next week the parents and carers of children in Nursery and Reception are invited into school during the day for a session where you can learn alongside your child and celebrate your child's achievements.

During the session you will be able to observe your child during a carpet session and engage with their learning once they are working independently. Due to the limited slots available we are only able to offer this to one adult per family.

Bookings are limited to 5 per time slot and are offered on a first come first served basis.

The sessions will take place on Wednesday 8th May at the following times, with one session for Reception class on Friday 10th May:

Nursery 2/3 years (Jaguar class)

 Wednesday 8th May: 9:15 - 9:45am session

 Wednesday 8th May: 1:40 - 2:10pm session

Nursery 3/4 years (Lion class)

 Wednesday 8th May: 9:15-9:45am session

 Wednesday 8th May: 9:45-10:15am session

Wednesday 8th May:  2:15-2:45pm session

Wednesday 8th May: 2:45-3:15pm session

Reception (Panther class)

Wednesday 8th May: 1:40-2:10pm session

 Wednesday 8th May: 2:10-2:40pm session

Wednesday 8th May: 2:40-3:10pm session

Friday 10th May: 1:40-2:10pm session


Please click on the link below to book your slot. Please note these sessions are for Mandeville Nursery and Reception  parents and carers only.

Book your Nursery or Reception Come to School session here