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Other training we offer

Specialist Leaders of Education

We have two Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs) at Mandeville, who can provide school to school support in their area of specialism and who have  provided training to NQTs, teachers and trainee teacher across a number of the schools. They have  played key roles in creating schemes of work and assessment materials for the new curriculum for EYFS,  KS1 and KS2.

Katherine Turley  - Katherine is the History lead at Mandeville Primary School,and across the  LEAP Federation. She has recently updated the LEAP Federation History and Geography curriculum so it reflects the enquiry based process. Katherine is working with LEAP leaders to successfully implement and embed the updated curriculum across the federation.

Katherine has lead the HTSA Humanities Forum over the past year and has enjoyed this leadership role. She has worked with two School Direct students and is Year 3 and 4 Phase leader. Katherine studied the humanities at university and takes a keen interest in the subjects in her personal life. 

 Katherine has expertise in:

  • Writing and developing humanities curriculum

  • Developing and improving ways of teaching the enquiry based process

  • Developing and improving ways of teaching chronology, from EYFS to KS2

  • Working with struggling teachers to develop their subject knowledge and teaching skills

  • Creating and leading whole school Black History Month and London History Day schemes of work

  • Humanities planning with students and NQTs

  • Monitoring books and delivering feedback

  • Helping plan and deliver staff meetings for both history and geography

Danielle Hughes - Danielle is currently the EYFS lead at Mandeville Primary School.  Danielle’s passion is the EYFS and studied Primary education at Canterbury Christ Church University. She has led the EYFS through lots of change over the past seven years and is always looking for ways to improve and enhance the EYFS. Danielle has led the EYFS through moderations and two successful Ofsted visits. She has provided EYFS training to NQTs, teachers and trainee teacher across a number of the alliance schools.

Danielle can support the EYFS by:

  • Leading Nursery from one form entry to two form entry

  • Managing and supporting staff in the EYFS

  • Developing the EYFS curriculum and structures

  • Creating new planning formats and documents to best support the EYFS

If you are interested in SLE support for your school please email with your enquiry or visit the Hackney Teaching Schools Alliance website

HTSA Professional Pathway

A range of professional learning opportunities from volunteer to Headteacher are available via the Hackney Teaching Schools Alliance Professional Pathway. For more information look at the Professional Pathway page of the HTSA website.