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Our School

Here at Mandeville Primary School, we are committed to ensuring that every pupil leaves our school with high aspirations, an overwhelming enthusiasm for learning and the confidence to address the world on their own terms. We aim to teach key skills and knowledge using outstanding and inspiring lessons to engage each child in their own learning, imparting onto them the confidence to set and meet new challenges and to experience success through a curriculum that is inspirational and relevant to every child.  

The staff are central to the success of the school and each person has a valuable part to play in its growth and development. To be successful, it is essential that all staff recognise their professional responsibilities both as part of a team and individually.       

The family of Mandeville Primary School is facilitated by a management structure which clearly communicates the purpose and governs the direction of the school, and a system of continuous professional development which ensures equality of training opportunities to support staff in carrying out their many and significant responsibilities at work.

We believe that every child that enters our halls has every right to success and happiness. We take full responsibility to ensure that any obstacles to education are overcome and that all children experience tremendous levels of success and enjoyment during their time here. We respect and value the diversity of any culture within the school and appreciate the opportunity this brings to enrich learning for all.  

We see parents as partners and are committed to working with them to sustain strong relationships with the school and raise children’s self-confidence, foster empathy with others, stimulate a sense of pride in the school and invigorate them to forging their futures. We provide a safe welcoming environment that enhances the opportunities for learning, reflects the wider community and encourages all children to take a pride in the school that they belong to.