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Pupil Voice


We pride ourselves at Mandeville as having strong pupil voice. Through our Junior Leadership Team, School Council, our JRSO team and our subject ambassadors, we have a whole- school commitment to listening to the views, wishes and experiences of all children in our school. We value the views of our children, from nursery to year 6.

We also have an interactive Pupil Voice Wall which was created by the children, for the children. It has 4 purposes:

  1. To give children a chance to feedback to the adults about the school and get their voice heard!
  2. To give children fun challenges, which test different skills
  3. To let children share their ideas, learning and thoughts with others
  4. To create, inspire and build something together as a school community




Junior Leadership Team

We appointed our first ever Junior Leadership Team (JLT) at Mandeville  in 2021. The role of the JLT is to act as a link between the children in our school, the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) and the Governing Body. JLT members have a special role in making sure that the children in our school have a voice and opportunities to evaluate and develop our school, so that it continues to grow and develop. Children have to apply to become a member of JLT, and then go through an interview process. 

Each JLT member shadows an individual from  the school's Senior Leadership Team  to ensure they have sufficient training to execute their roles. The JLT meet fortnightly to complete tasks which range from conducting learning walks, book look with SLT, school tours, helping raise money for school projects and any other matters that arise.  This position is held for 2 years.  

School Council    

The Mandeville School Council are elected every year, through a competitive and exciting election. Children nominate themselves, before launching their electoral campaigns. All children then exercise their democratic right of voting, in our elections, casting their votes in a ballot box. Two school councillors are elected each year for year groups  from Reception to Year 6. 

The School Councillors meet every fortnight to discuss suggestions put forward by other children. They create projects based on these suggestions, monitor who will lead on them and when they think it will be completed by.

Subject Ambassadors

We are incredibly lucky at Mandeville to have such dedicated and passionate children! Each subject, from Maths and English, to Geography and Design and Technology, has its own subject ambassadors. These children are appointed because of their enthusiasm and passion for that particular area of the curriculum. The subject ambassadors use their voice in shaping the curriculum of their subject. They meet the subject leads to discuss and evaluate how the curriculum is being taught. They are also involved in learning walks and the monitoring of their subject.


Junior Road Safety Officers       

Mandeville are proud to be a part of TFL STARS (Sustainable Travel: Active, Responsible, Safe). This initiative inspires our young people to travel to school sustainably, actively, responsibly and safely, by championing walking, scooting and cycling. Every year we appoint four Yr5 Junior Road Safety Officers who are integral to our road safety and sustainable travel plans. We participate in the nation-wide Road Safety week with assemblies, fun lessons, and a Be Bright, Be Seen costume competition.  The JRSOs organise Bikers’ Breakfast where any child who cycles or scoots to school can come for a healthy and delicious cooked breakfast, followed by Dr Bike check of their bike. The JRSOs also help to organise and run community safety lessons with local police on the importance of road speed. All year round, the team promote responsible travelling and road safety through video campaigns and hosting assemblies.