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Staff List

Meet Our  Staff Team

Senior Leadership 

                         Marc Thompson
                 Associate Headteacher 

Francesca Slot
Deputy Headteacher (& Inclusion Manager)

Louise Nichols
                 Executive Headteacher                 

Meret Stokes
LEAP Associate Deputy Headteacher (& Maths Lead)

Teaching Staff

Ellie Abel
             Class Teacher (English Lead &                   Yr 5/6 Phase Lead)   

Danielle Hughes
Class Teacher (EYFS Phase Lead & SLE)

Kaltum Yusuf
Class Teacher (Yr 1/2 Phase Lead)


              Bianca Willer-Smith
      Class Teacher









                      Sophie Hinchcliffe                          Class Teacher


                      George Galliano                        Class Teacher

Freddy Katanga
PE Teacher

Katherine Turley
Class Teacher (LEAP History Lead & SLE & Yr 3/4 Phase Lead)

Madeleine Gough
Class Teacher (Health & PSCHE            Lead)

                              Daniel Turner
                           Class Teacher 

                                    Chloe Tate
                                 Class Teacher 


                                  Selin Hassan  
                                 Class Teacher


                                 Szabina Hernadi                                                      Class Teacher

Nursery Staff

                                               Saymaa Matlub
                Eary Years Educator


                      Colette Lavaud                          Nursery Teaching Assistant

Support Staff

Sultana Khan
Teaching Assistant

Tracy Dinsley
Teaching Assistant

Jodie Gill
Teaching Assistant

                              Touray Jack
                    Teaching Assistant 

Janice Williams
Teaching Assistant

Kay Sam
Teaching Assistant

                             Kwame Cofie                                             Teaching Assistant                

Inclusion Team

Natalie Richards
              Deputy Inclusion Manager           

Dallyn Bailey
Learning Mentor  

Dee Coughlan
Teaching and Learning Associate

Tashi-Ann Page
Learning Mentor

Office Staff

Michelle Smith
LEAP Finance Officer & Admin


Cyrilene Malcolm
LEAP Federation Business Manager

                      Parveen Razzaque
                    Office Manager &                              LEAP Attainment & Data Manager

Ben Dinsley
Admin Assistant


                                Colin Gallant
                           Premises Manager


Dylan Owen
IT Consultant

Kitchen Staff

          Margaret Blairy
Head Chef 

Samia Mohammed

Samia Mahamed
Kitchen Assistant (Part time)

                    Elizabeth Oyedele
                               Sous Chef

                               Craig Miller                                        Kitchen Assistant          

The Hackney School of Food staff

                THOMAS WALKER

                     Thomas Walker
                 Head Food Educator

   Samia Mohammed

Samia Mahamed
Kitchen Teaching Assistant


Lidka D'Agostino
         Garden Educator 


We have a number of staff who are subject leads or specialists and who work across all three of our LEAP schools (Kingsmead, Gayhurst and Mandeville) promoting excellence in their field:

LEAP Cross School Subject Leads

Religious Education Lead - Shenaz Begum (K)

History Lead- Katherine Turley (M)

Science Lead - Thomas Pleavin (G)

Design and Technology Lead - Ally Weston (G)

Music Lead - Ben de Sausmarez (K)

Computing Lead - Stan Colomb (K)

Health and PSCHE Lead - Madeleine Gough (M)

Art Lead - Olivia Silver (K)

Geography Lead - TBC


LEAP English Leads: Janne Cornish (K & G), Ellie Able (M)

LEAP Maths Leads: Meret Stokes (M), Sarah Betney (K), Hannah Preston (G)

LEAP EYFS Leads: Lucy Michael (K), Danielle Hughes (M), Rachael O’Sullivan (G)

LEAP PE Leads: Freddy Katanga (M), Sanchez Ming (K &G)

LEAP Spanish Lead: Sarah Betney (K,M & G)

LEAP Initial Teacher Training Leads: Lisa Clarke (G), Lucy Michael (K)


Other staff working across the LEAP Federation

Louise Nichols – Executive Headteacher

Cyrilene Malcolm – LEAP Business Manager

Joanna Makaruk - LEAP HR

Michelle Smith – LEAP Finance Officer

Parveen Razzaque – LEAP Attainment & Attendance Data Manager

Meret Stokes - Curriculum Lead across LEAP Federation

Emma de Sausmarez – Communications and Community Liaison

Thomas Walker – Chef Educator

Lidka D’Agostino – School Gardener & Educator

Dorinia Harley – Dance Teacher

Aaron Tanice – Drumming Teacher

Aran Thomas – Steel Pans Teacher

Mensah Hart – Keyboard and Guitar Teacher

Francoise Nzanza – Spanish Teacher