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Teaching & Learning

The Mandeville Curriculum

Our aim:

We want our curriculum to be creative, inclusive and motivating where all are challenged and supported to achieve outstanding results. We expect it to be rigorous in its design with clear outcomes and high expectations, and to provide active and relevant learning opportunities which involve the whole community. The end result should be well-rounded individuals who are curious about the world around them and hungry to learn more.

Curriculum Design:

Our curriculum is designed to fully meet the requirements of the new National Curriculum but also to ensure that we provide rich learning opportunities, which deepen and extend understanding. The curriculum is divided into subjects and the majority of these are taught weekly (or daily for Literacy and Numeracy). In addition a number of subjects are taught in blocks. The table below shows how each subject is taught:





Daily lessons


2 x weekly lessons


5 x 2 week blocks per year

Languages (Spanish)

1 x weekly lesson

Topic (Geography, History, Art and DT)

4 x 4 week blocks per year


4 x 1 week block per year


1 x weekly lesson and 2 x 2 week blocks per year


2 x 1 week block per year plus weekly music assemblies, weekly whole class drumming and peripatetic teaching of other instruments


Weekly circle time, assemblies and 2 x 1 week blocks


In addition we have a number of themed weeks. 2 weeks of PHSCE, the first week focussing on being a part of the school community and the second focussed on SRE (sex and relationship education) as appropriate for the year group. We also have a week focus on Black History month and a week of creativity. 

Literacy and Numeracy:

In a school where 80% of the children speak English as an additional language, the teaching of literacy is the highest priority. The curriculum we have arrived at uses Read Write Inc for synthetic phonics and the 'Power of Reading' to support effective teaching of literacy throughout the school. All children in KS2 are taught Spanish. There are many home languages spoken by children in the school and children are encouraged to use home languages where possible

Other subjects:

Geography, History, Art and Design and Technology are taught through a topic approach. This is based on the International Primary Curriculum but we have adapted this to ensure that it is focussed on the objectives from the new National Curriculum. This has allowed us to maintain a creative and engaging approach to these subjects whilst ensuring rigor and high standards.

The curriculum overviews show the overview of units studied from year 1 to 6 and these are supported in school by more detailed documents detailing the objectives and approaches to teaching.

If you have any questions or would like further information on our curriculum please contact the school.