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Tesla class learnt about rocks and what the Earth is made from, in our Science lessons. We discovered that there are four layers to the earth: the Crust, where we live; the Mantle, which is made up of molten lava; the Outer an Inner Cores.

"There are four layers to the earth" Cayon.

"The sun and inner core are similar temperatures!" Berkay

"The rocks in the mantle are so hot they turn into lava." Teliza

"The inner core is almost as hot as the sun!" Zara

"The crust is where we live, there are mountains and rivers and oceans on it." Duaa

We used playdough to create a model of the Earth. We started with the core and chose red as the colour because it is so hot there (it reaches temperatures of 6000 degrees Celsius!). Then we made a layer in  yellow that showed the mantle, we chose yellow because the mantle is made up of rock that has got so hot it melts and becomes lava. We learnt that lava gets forced out of the mantle through the crust where there are volcanoes. Lastly we made the crust - we chose blue because the Earth's surface is mainly  water.