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Walker class has learnt about newspaper articles. Features of a newspaper include formal writing, 3rd person, a headline and quotes. We wrote a report about our book, 'There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom'. Let's see if you can spot any newspaper features in Aaqib's article below:


A school in England has had its counsellor fired. She was thought to be 'Carla Davies'. Principal Paul had to fire Carla for multiple reasons, including not giving permission slips to children's parents. It happened at approximately 11:37. Students were shocked about what happened, whilst watching it on small TVs. The principal regretfully had to fire Carla but he had to because of her actions to students.

Since writing our first reports, we have moved onto learning about the US election. We will write about Donald Trump's victory and what it means for the world. We learnt to be unbiased when writing newspaper articles, so we can present facts and the reader can make their own judgement. We also performed our class assembly on this topic. 


Ellis from Walker class had this to say, 'Walker performed a great assembly about the US election. Feyi and Shardanay acted as Donald Trump, and Ezekiel, Nyla and Lina were Hillary Clinton. We found out that only 55% of America went to vote, and that means 45% didn't vote... which is huge!'